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Loss and transition are facts of life ... the loss of a beloved pet, your job, your home, a parent. And the worst loss, a child. In the aftermath of a significant loss, or major life-transition, you may find yourself overcome with anger, sadness, guilt, even shame. This is the "fresh grief" period, and such feelings are normal. Accepting them as normal and natural, allowing yourself these feelings, helps support the healing process. Just as each person is unique, everyone has their own timetable and manner of grieving.

Heart Transitions - Peace

Meet Joan Heleine

Besides a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, I have post-graduate training in psychotherapy. A holistic therapist, I have maintained an active private practice since 1998. As a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, I specialize in the techniques of heart-centered hypnosis. A teaching Reiki Master, I strive to incorporate the concepts of energy work, in order to support the client's total healing.

I have also experienced profound loss, through the death of my own child. As I walked my walk through the “fresh grief,” one step at a time, I was led to resources for discovery, recovery and empowerment, through the body-mind-spirit connection. And eventually, as I was ready, I came to a place of acceptance.

How can Heart Transitions help?

Whether you are looking for therapy, personal coaching, hands-on healing, an email series -- or an uplifting book on surviving after the loss of a child, you can find it here. Join my free mailing list, and take the first step toward empowering yourself through grief, loss and transition.

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